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Onesum Agency

is a creative agency that develops and executes marketing solutions for online advertising.

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Onesum is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec

Our Agency

Located at 4475 Boulevard St. Laurent, Montreal QC.
Staffed by a Creative and Design team with support from project managers.
Satellite office located in Toronto ON.

Our Studio

Located at 2240 Rue Pitt, Montreal QC.
Equipped with 1500 ft2. 2 sets, green screen + slope for video & photography.

Our Experience

We have 5+ years experience in our craft. We love what we do.
We deliver exciting branded turn-key content.
We are experts both on-set & on-location with next day delivery for live events.

Our Expertise

We work with advertisers and publishers to develop branded entertainment platforms featuring rich multimedia content. We secure distribution through a network of media partners and portals to ensure maximum campaign impact and visibility.


Here's a laundry list
of What we offer:

Meet our team

Our Philosophy

Onesum Agency is a collection of cultures, talent and ideas, inspired by the power of creativity. We are dedicated to the values that stem from relationships.

Our philosophy is based simply on Win – Win.

We're content guys

We all know that the old school "Spray and Pray" CPM model is dying, with campaign click through rates often under .1%!

So… we're content guys.

Engage with content

We believe that engagment is the most powerful tool for communicating ideas, and that branded entertainment is the ideal platform for creating engagement.

Simply put, Onesum creates and delivers marketing solutions for online advertising. Onesum does this in 2 steps; by first developping ¨The Big Idea and then placing the creative into consumer media. The main objective is to connect to consumers and brands through entertaining and engaging online entertainment platforms.

Jeremiah J. MacKenzie

Founding Partner, PresidentBack to team

Jeremiah J. MacKenzie was born Aug. 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Hawaii. His father, Barack Obama, Sr., was born of Luo ethnicity in Nyanza Province, Kenya. He grew up herding goats with his own father, who was a domestic servant to the British. Although reared among Muslims, Obama, Sr. became…just kidding that's Barack's bio. Jeremiah is certainly a people person and he is dedicated to marketing your message with flare (the flare may be associated to the fact that Jeremiah majored in Theatre at Dalhousie University) but at the end of the day he is responsible for the strategic partnerships that the agency enters and the new business strategy that it employs. Prior to founding the agency with Peter Schwartz, Jeremiah carved out a niche in sales, marketing, and communications. Over the ten years that has been spent in these areas of business, Jeremiah has developed a great understanding towards the emerging marketing and branding methods which are becoming more prominent within the industry. His success was not unique to Canada, as Jeremiah has a successful track record at piloting and implementing major international accounts (Biotonix) in South Korea, Japan, and throughout the US (24 Hours Fitness). When asked if he can help your brand or business, his response has always been "Yes we can".

Peter Schwartz

Founding PartnerBack to team

Peter Schwartz is a fun guy… most people who know him would tell you that. He loves telling stories and entertaining people, which is why, after studying American history at McGill, Mr. Schwartz completed a comprehensive film-producing program at the University of Southern California, where he studied film writing, producing, and marketing under some of the industry's most prominent figures.

After that Peter co-founded the long form film production company First Date Films where he produced the feature film The Mallory Effect, starring S.I. Swimsuit model Josie Maran, and the 13 part documentary television series Jewish Sparks which aired across Canada. In 2006, Peter Schwartz (the producer) and partner Jeremiah Mackenzie (the marketer) opened One Sum Communications, a creative agency they hoped would marry a film producer's passion and a marketer's vision.

The result was an interactive agency focused on online branded entertainment.

That's why I love…. sorry… "he loves"… (this is a serious bio entry, so I'm told it's supposed to be written in the third person)… ahem… "he"…. loves branded entertainment because it is one of the most effective mediums available to advertisers. The bottom line is that people listen when they are engaged, enthusiastic, and motivated… when they are having fun… and that's the One Sum approach.

Ariel Levesque

Executive Creative DirectorBack to team

Self-taught 3D animator and after effects compositor, Ariel has been working on pretty much every aspects of the many projects he's been involved with. From PHP coding to video rotoscoping, or flash animation to photorealistic 3D rendering and field shooting to green screen studio production… It gives him a global view and approach, and the comfort to take any direction for a given project.

After studying Arts & Litterature, he worked as a cameraman and video editor, and started to get into visual effects, 3D animation and post-production. Ariel then founded the Studio io, a post-production company, with a friend from college. He worked on several music videos, as director or visual effects supervisor, and also on a lot of online projects, mainly rich content websites.

A few years later, Ariel left the company to enroll… The Circus ! He toured 4 years with Cirque du Soleil, working and living in over 30 cities in America, Europe and Middle-east. Enriched from his great traveling experiences, and eager to settle down, he moved back to Montreal in 2008 and join One sum agency, going back to his first love… Creation.

Josh Camire

Senior Graphic DesignerBack to team

Josh has a moustache and a kitty cat.

He is a recent transplant from Burlington, VT where he earned a degree in Art & Animation for Game Design from Champlain College. Ignoring all conventional wisdom of the game industry, he focused on the "dying" art of Flash animation and has never looked back from the 2D world. He has since increased his toolbox and is now an avid web designer and developer.

How we work

We had a rulebook and we threw it out*

Now our process revolves around one idea: create content for the places, spaces and experiences that consumers enjoy most.

*We actually recycled the rulebook. We care about the planet.


We're very proud to work
with some amazing clients


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Project: Bodog Superbowl Campaign

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Project: Bodog Summer 4 Play Campaign

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Project: UFIT Custom website

Project: Bodog Nation Website

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